Apple Cinnamon Nut Bread

Y’all, I am in the fall spirit like there’s no tomorrow, and every single year, my love for fall always manifests itself in one particular way: LOADS OF COOKING/BAKING. Pumpkin bread. Chili. Lattes. You name it, I make it.

Cooking is unbelievably therapeutic for me, especially baking, and breads are my very favorite to make. When I stumbled upon this INCREDIBLE recipe from Gina on her site, SkinnyTaste, I knew I had to try it out as soon as humanly possible. Her recipes have always been an absolute home run for me, both in flavor and ingredients. There’s no regrets eating this slice of heaven every morning since its low fat! But you’d never know, because it tastes so good you could slap yo mama.

This recipe can also be made by just about anyone! Just throw all of the ingredients into some bowls, mix ‘em together, throw it in a bread pan, and within an hour you’ve got a masterpiece that tastes like it was WAY harder that it was (we’ll just let all our friends think we’re baking geniuses).

If you need any of the nutritional information, check out the original recipe on SkinnyTaste! Thanks again to Gina for always providing the most amazing weekly recipes.

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