Life Update (+ things I'm loving)


Wowowowowowow. Long time no see.

I’m just sippin’ on an afternoon cup of joe and wishing that you and I were sitting across from each other at some cute coffee shop somewhere catching up. But my Keurig coffee and this post will just have to do this time around.

I have lotssss of plans for this little corner of the internet that are still in the dreaming phase of my mind. More things I want to do, more things I want to say. But since I’ve been a little MIA, I figured we should probably start here:

Hello. I am still alive.

Even better news: I think I’m better than still alive.

My favorite question that I’ve been getting asked recently when I get the chance to actually catch up with someone is, “How’s married life"?” Thanks for asking.

Y’all, it is sweet. Like, sweeter than sweet. And it’s the kind of sweet that can also be really hard sometimes and makes you really grow up. But it’s also the kind of sweet that just feels like you’re finally in the right place. It’s every emotion and every struggle and every victory. Honestly, it’s every good thing.

I looked at Garrett the other day in the car–just looked for a second–and finally said, “Garrett. I need you to know that since I married you, I am truly the happiest I’ve ever been.” He said he was, too.

So, to answer the question I know you would’ve asked if we were in a Starbucks sipping macchiatos right now: I love married life. It’s not sunshine and rainbows. It’s something more sacred and something much better than that.

The second thing I get asked in catch-up sessions: What are you doing? (To clarify: people don’t usually pose it like that. Usually it’s something like, “How’s post-grad life?” But essentially that’s what they’re asking).

I graduated truly having no idea what I would do or even if I would be employed anytime soon. Garrett and I were planning as if we’d have just one income for a little while since my future was so up in the air at the time that we got married.

Thankfully, I got a call at the end of January. I was offered my dream job.

So, to answer your second question: I am now the Digital and Social Media Strategist for LifeWay Women. Basically, that means that I take care of LifeWay Women’s blog and social media, as well as other similar/related things for events. And it’s the first job I’ve ever had where I love my work, love my coworkers, and am actually excited about what I do. It feels like I’m using my gifts for a purpose bigger than myself: equipping other women to draw closer to God. And I wouldn’t rather do anything else.

Those are the two big reasons I’ve been gone the last month or so. Getting into a new routine as a married and working woman is a whole different ballgame, so I had to take a break from everything else to figure it out (if you watch mine and Garrett’s vlogs too, that’s why we haven’t been around much there either). But now, I feel like I’m getting the hang of it and can slowly work my way back into my own blog and social media!

I realized in taking a break that I can’t not do this. I love health and wellness. I love food and recipes. I love talking skincare and makeup, books and podcasts, and everything in between. I love that all of these things can point women to Jesus, and I love most of all that He invites me to be a part of that. I can’t ignore it.

SO, WITH ALL OF THAT SAID. I’m so glad we finally got to catch up today. Here are a few of my very favorite things I’ve been loving in this little break period.



  • Impress Nails: Y’ALL. One of my biggest struggles since switching over to a non-toxic lifestyle was figuring out how to keep my nails looking good. I loved the gel look, but knew that gel polish was full of some nasty chemicals. There’s a salon here in Nashville that can do non-toxic gel manis, but they’re VERY expensive, and this girl can’t afford a $100 manicure right now. I tried some non-toxic polishes at home, and most of them chipped pretty quickly (and I don’t love how short my natural nails are anyway). THEN I found these. They honestly rocked my world a little bit. They’re so cheap, so easy and fast (they basically have a sticker on the back, so no glue required), they look natural, last about a week and a half, and the adhesive is non-toxic. Game. Changer.

  • Honest Beauty Mascara: First of all, Honest Beauty is now in Target. WHAT. Between them and W3ll People, I’m about to start buying until they’re out of stock at Target. Second, I have been on the hunt for an inexpensive clean mascara, but I’ve also been using the Tarte eyelash primer for at least a year as well, so I was looking for an alternative to that, too. I’d heard good things about this one, but I’ve always had bad experiences with non-toxic mascaras, so I thought I’d give it a try and probably hate it. I WAS SO WRONG. Go buy this. I’m serious. Go buy it now. I don’t think I’ll ever use another mascara again. It’s incredibly lengthening, super black, long-lasting, and doesn’t smudge. I’m such a fan.

  • Oway Shampoo + Conditioner: So, I’m not gonna lie: I’m pretty new to these products. But, I recently popped by an organic hair salon in Nashville and had the best shampooing of my life. The products smelled like Christmas, and after she blowed me out, my hair felt softer than it’s felt it in years. So, as I was checking out, I asked if I could buy whatever wonder products she used, and they were these. I’m already obsessed, and I highly doubt my opinion will change. Will keep you posted.


  • The Good Place: Garrett and I started watching this show pretty much as soon as we got settled in, and we ZOOMED through it. It was so funny, the characters were so engaging, and it just gives you all of the happy feels inside every time you watch. Basically (without giving too much away), at the start of the show, the main characters are sent to Heaven, but one of the characters (Kristen Bell) figures out that there’s been a mixup. Everyone there thinks she’s someone else, which means she isn’t supposed to be there at all. Thus begins all of the quirky misadventures between the characters. And by the end of season one, the plot gets really good. And c’mon, who doesn’t love Kristen Bell!?

  • The Relevant Podcast: I’ve been listening to Relevant for awhile, but ever since I’ve started my commute to and from Nashville each day, it has been an absolute lifesaver for me. I am one of the pickiest people about their podcasts. I have to adore the host, love the guests, be interested in the subject matter, and either laugh or learn (or both) every episode. This is all of those things and more. The show is honest, hilarious, welcoming, and entertaining, and it makes my commute feel like a Sunday drive with a bunch of friends.

  • Thrive Market: Okay, I think I might’ve unintentionally saved the best for last. I have always heard good things about Thrive, but I’m one of those people who’s weird about subscription services. I’m always paranoid they’ll take my money without me knowing or I’ll knowingly pay it, but it won’t be worth it for what I get in return. But, I took the plunge with Thrive, deciding to test out their free trial first. Man oh MAN it paid off. I am now a serious Thrive shopper. I get everything there: flour, pasta, quinoa, collagen, vitamins, makeup, essential oils, candles, laundry detergent, literally ALL of my random household organic/natural products. They’re the lowest possible price you’ll find these brands, so not only am I usually saving a buck, but it’s incredibly convenient (especially since I usually grocery shop at Aldi). I will always recommend Thrive to any and everyone who buys a lot of natural products.

So, that’s it for now. Let me take your empty coffee cup back up to the bar for you. Now I’m giving you a really big imaginary hug. Okay, let’s talk again soon, pal. And let’s never go this long without hanging out again.