My Non-Toxic Skincare Routine


When I decided almost exactly one year ago to begin living a more green and clean lifestyle, one of my first goals was to get my skincare in order. I knew the chemical combos I was applying to my face every day were just not cutting it for my health or my skin in the long run. So, I began my quest to find skincare products that both worked effectively and that I could be confident would be helpful rather than harmful to my overall wellbeing. I finally feel like I’ve found some products that I love and that work, so I am beyond thrilled to share my current skincare lineup with you!

First things first: I only do this skincare routine at night. I have just decided that for me, 1. my skin doesn’t need more than a once-a-day wash and 2. my time in the morning is limited. So, this routine is just a nightly routine for me and has worked great! But if you are someone who needs/wants to repeat it, feel free!

Second: I would say that my skin type is typically normal, but if it tends to go one way or the other, it can sometimes get dry and dehydrated, especially in the winter. So you’ll notice there are a lot of moisturizing products because my skin has been asking for a bit more this month. Typically though, a moisturizer does just fine for my generally normal skin type.

So, let’s get into the products!

  1. Makeup Remover

To remove my makeup, I start with about three pumps of some type of pure oil. Currently, I’m using Argan oil, and it’s been working great! I rub it in circular motions all over my face to break up my makeup and use gentle circular motions on my lashes and eyelids. After that, I wipe off the oil and makeup with the Elf Fragrance-Free Cleansing Wipes. Y’all, one of the hardest things EVER to find was a good makeup remover wipe, and I just can’t live without these now that they’ve come into my life! Not to mention they are CHEAP. Nothing better than effective and inexpensive products.

2. Cleanser

I’ve just recently started using the Osea Ocean Cleanser, and I am just obsessed. It smells like summertime and is so light on the skin, but it seems to get all of that gross grime off really well! My face always feel clean but not tight after I use this product. I just splash my face with warm water, apply one pump in circular motions to my skin, and rinse away.

3. Toner

Apologies for the Target travel bottle on this one. When Garrett and I went to Maui for our honeymoon, I poured the last of my bottle into this one so I could take it on the plane. But I digress. After I cleanse, I then spritz my face three times with the Eminence Stone Crop Hydrating Toner, which is pricey, not gonna lie. BUT I would say it was totally worth it for me. I’ve had terrible experiences with toners that absolutely dry out my skin. But this one soothes and hydrates like no other!

4. Serum

I don’t always use serum, but I have been recently because my skin has been so incredibly dry this past month. So after I tone, I use 3-4 drops of the Indie Lee Squalane Facial OIl. This is a new product for me, but I’m loving it so far! I can’t stand oils that leave my face feeling… well, oily. This one soaks into my skin and helps it to feel more hydrated, never sticky or oily! Perfect addition for the colder months.

5. Eye Cream

I’m currently using the Acure Radically Rejuvenating Eye Cream, and this bad boy has literally lasted me FOREVER. I only have to use the very tiniest amount of this stuff, and the bottle is huge for an eye cream. Incredible bang for your buck, if you ask me! It’s not the most incredible eye cream I’ve ever used, but I also haven’t ever used an eye cream that totally gets rid of my dark circles, so I’d count this one as effective for how much I spend on it and how long it lasts.

6. Moisturizer

I’m honestly in love with the Andalou Naturals Night Repair Cream. A little goes a long way with this one, too, so a container of this lasts me quite a while. It’s light and leaves my face feeling refreshed and well moisturized without feeling like I just slapped goop all over me. It’s the perfect consistency, and I love the way it makes my skin feel.

7. Mask

This is another one I certainly don’t do every night or year round, but when my skin is feeling extra dry, I like to use the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Masque. Now, if you’re one of those people who truly can’t handle that sticky face feeling, stay far away from this product. I don’t prefer it either, but when my skin is REALLY dry and screaming for more moisture, sometimes ACTUALLY slapping goop all over your face feels weirdly soothing in my opinion. And there is honestly no better feeling than how my face feels the morning after I apply this product. Total baby skin.

8. Eyelash Serum

A couple months ago, my eyelashes started to fall out left and right. I was completely mortified and had no idea what to do. I had tried using essential oil blends before on my eyelashes, and that just didn’t seem to work for me, so I started researching other natural products to use until they grew back. I decided to go with a month-long sample of the Lashfood Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer and it WORKED! After just a couple of weeks, my eyelashes were not only starting to fill back in, but they were also stronger than they were before. If you’re having issues with your eyelashes, I highly recommend this product (pro tip: I found a sample at Ulta for much cheaper).

9. Lip Polish

Okay, I’ve never really cared about my lips when it comes to my skincare routine, and I’m guessing you probably haven’t really thought about doing anything for them either. But I received the French Girl Rose Lip Polish as a gift and figured I might as well try it out. You just take a tiny amount of the product and rub it into damp lips, just like an exfoliator. Y’all, using this nightly has seriously changed the game for me! I used to constantly be biting at my lips because they were constantly peeling, but ever since I started using this product, things have gotten SO much better. Definitely going to keep lip products in my skincare routine.

10. Hair Oil

I know this isn’t a skincare product, but I HAD to share this part of my night routine because it is absolutely essential. After I finish my skincare, I take a wide tooth comb and gently break up any tangles in my hair, and then I apply the Prim Botanicals Hair Oil. YOU. GUYS. This product 100% changed my hair. I used to get split ends so easily and my hair required frequent hair cuts. But when I found this product, my ends were so much happier. I use a pump or two every night just on the lower half of my hair, and I’m never looking back. One of the best products I’ve tried period.

And that’s my current skincare routine! It can get pretty lengthy like this in the winter, so in the summer I’ll post an updated routine so you can see what I use when it’s not so cold outside. Let me know in the comments what natural skincare products you’ve tried and loved, or what skincare products you’d like to try next!