So, Why Nontoxic?


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Confession: I am a beauty product junkie.

By that I mean, I LOVE trying new types of makeup, skincare, haircare, anything and everything in beauty that’s popular (or even better, not even “in” yet so I can be that first “cool” person who tried it). Over the years, that’s looked like knowing all of the best products at Sephora, the drugstore, high-end brands, and everywhere in between. If you were curious about it, I’d probably tried it and had it for you to borrow.

Then, this whole clean beauty fad came in. Personally, I thought it was kind of strange, because wasn’t all makeup clean? What did that even mean? I mean, it’s not like I’m eating my lipgloss. Why would we put something on our bodies that was “dirty”? C’mon, if anyone knows that, it’s the brands. I could trust the people who devote their whole lives to making stuff to go on my skin… right?

I got curious. I think it was probably sparked by a lot of reading I’d done on how misleading food product labels can be, and I’d slowly become really passionate about how messed up a lot of food-related brands could be. I started reading up on what this new nontoxic beauty crazy was all about, why it mattered, or if it did at all. Here’s what I learned:

  1. Our bodies soak up the majority of what we put onto our skin (approx. 64% on the majority of our skin, and even worse, 100% on our underarms and private parts). A.k.a. what goes on seriously matters because it ends up in the lymphatic system and bloodstream.

  2. But, do we even know what goes on us? The EU has banned more than 1,300 ingredients from their beauty products, while the U.S. has only banned 11. A.k.a., with nearly no regulation in place, anything goes when it comes to the ingredients in our products.

  3. “C’mon though. Have you ever tried to read the ingredients list? It’s impossible. Can’t we just trust the brands?” No ma’am. Many of the ingredients in the common brands we use today contain chemicals that are known carcinogens, hormonal disrupters, and toxic irritants. A.k.a. trust no one.

Once I learned these three things, I knew there was no going back. Why on God’s green earth would I put things on myself that are proven to be terrible for me when there’s a very likely chance that it’s all being soaked right into my body? Why not just use good things?

Thus, a new era of beauty-junkie Emma was ushered in.

If this is sounding intriguing to you now, here’s the next thing I learned that you’ll also need to understand before you throw all of your products away and go buy new, cleaner ones: Our culture has been massively greenwashed. What is greenwashing? Basically, it’s when a company promotes their brand as “natural” when it’s really not clean at all. A lot brands that market themselves as nontoxic really aren’t at all (again, there are next to no regulations on these brands, so we’re very much on our own here).

You’re probably thinking, “Well geez, Emma! Then how am I supposed to know what brands to buy if some brands that call themselves nontoxic are lying to me?” Girl, I got you.

These two apps absolutely saved me when I was new to clean beauty: Think Dirty and EWG. You can use these apps to look up certain products, brands, and ingredients that you might not be sure about.

Another thing that saved me was a few clean beauty online retailers, like Detox Market, Pharmaca, and Follain. One of the absolute biggest hurdles for me was how expensive nontoxic beauty can be. This was a battle that has probably taken me a year or so, but I think (for the most part) i’ve come out the victor thanks to sites like these. You can trust that everything on these three sites is totally clean, and if you get on their mailing lists, you’ll get notified anytime they’re having a sale (which is QUITE often).

It also helps that now, you can find brands like W3LL People and Honest Beauty (both brands that I love, by the way) in stores like Target. Can someone say SCORE!

SO. If you’ve real all of this and are interested in learning more, you know I’m always down to talk. Seriously. Leave me a comment with a question, and it would make my day to chat it up with a friend about nontoxic beauty.

ALSO. If you want to purchase a few clean products of your own to try out (or if you’re already a clean beauty veteran), I have a special discount code thanks to my partnership with Follain! I adore Follain. On their site, you can take a special quiz to find out what skincare products might be best for you (how cool is that!?), shop their site for trustworthy and effective products, and read more about clean beauty on their blog!

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And if you decide to jump in, just remember this: It takes time to clean out your makeup drawer. You don’t have to throw it all away at once. I’ll admit, I still have things in my bag that aren’t the cleanest! An easy way to transition is to just buy one clean product whenever you run out of your previous one. When you run out of foundation, buy one from Follain. When you run out of mascara, pop over to Target and get Honest Beauty’s mascara instead (I talked about my love for this product in my last blog so go check that our for more deets). Don’t overcomplicate it. But also, it’s time we take care of ourselves how we deserve.

I like to take Follain’s standard as my own: “No one should have to compromise their health for beauty.”