Things I'm Loving - Summer 2018

Okay, I’m going to be real honest here: Summer is my least favorite season of all time. Yes, of ALL TIME. I think the fact that Fall is my favorite season and comes right after months of blistering Tennessee heat makes me like Summer even less. But I digress…

There are a few good things about summer though, I’ll admit. Longer days, more vacationing, a carefree feel in the air. I’ll admit, I can vibe with that. But, I especially love all of the new discoveries I make over the summer and getting to share them with my people! I can get really passionate about the things that I love sooooo… I’ll try to keep it under control for you all.



Lily Lolo Mascara

If you know me, then you know that this past January, I decided to toss all of my toxic beauty and skincare products and slowly began the shift to a cleaner lifestyle that I could feel confident in (a post on that will be coming soon). Some products were a pretty easy switch because the non-toxic brands seemed to work just as well as the toxic ones I had been using. NOT SO for mascara. I had to hunt for something that worked like I wanted it to AND fit in my budget.

THIS, my friends, is the answer.

Holy cow, I think I like the product more than my old, toxic mascaras. It lasts all day, is pretty dang waterproof, and VERY black. I doubt I’ll switch for a very long time.


Primally Pure Charcoal Deodorant

I know I said mascara was difficult but you guys… the pits? I can’t deal with stank. That is unacceptable in Emma’s life (and I hope it is in yours too). Switching from a toxic deodorant to a cleaner option was the hardest of them all. It takes time for those glands to flush out all of the nasty havoc your previous deodorant has be piling on, so I struggled for awhile to find something that would actually keep me smelling good. To be honest, I almost gave up. But then, I found Primally Pure.

This deodorant works wonder, arguably just as well as your typical deodorant (no seriously, I’ll argue with you about it). It smells like peppermint and goes on smoothly, and I only have to re-apply after I’ve gone for a run or something and am immediately going somewhere nice. This is my go-to pick for the pits.


Juice Beauty Cream Compact Foundation

I’ve been on the hunt for a clean foundation that I can pick up nearby instead of waiting for one to get to me in the mail. That’s when I stumbled upon Juice Beauty in Ulta one fateful day. The coverage on this foundation is perfect, not too thick and not too sheer. It also lasts me all day long, even in the summer heat. The only note I’ll give about this foundation is to have a good powder to follow it up with. It applies a little shiny, but a loose powder will do the trick in setting it. Another one I’l keep repurchasing.



Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

So, I have a really bad habit: I pick at my nails. I know, I know, it’s just that my nails have always been weak and they’re right there and when I’m bored I just can’t resist. Well, I decided that had to stop, and that had to begin with strengthening them up. These Collagen Peptides has been working WONDERS, and my nails are growing stronger and stronger.

I buy a box of the individual packets and simply pour one packet into my coffee every morning. I kid you not, you can zero percent tell it’s there. And, not only has it helped my nails, but it’s helped my hair to grow faster and stronger as well. Win win win.


Orca Chaser

I’ve been dying to own one of these for so long because I wanted a water bottle that kept my drinks cold (or hot) all day long, but that wasn’t as hard to clean or put ice in as Swell water bottles. My amazing fiancé got me this one because his company had some made with their logo on it, so I snagged one for free.

Y’all. I love this thing. I take it with me everywhere and honestly hate parting with it so much that I probably don’t wash it as often as I should (I know, TMI, so sorry). You’ll drink so much more water if you have this bad boy with you, and it’s worth every penny.


Scribbles That Matter Bullet Journal

One thing that a lot of people don’t know about me is that I use a bullet journal instead of a traditional planner. When I started doing that, I didn’t think I’d stick with it for long. I’m not very naturally artistic and I’m just a generally busy person who doesn’t have time to sit down weekly and doodle out her planner. A year later, and I’m still at it, not going back anytime soon.

For the fall, I picked up this one from Scribbles that Matter. If you’re into journaling like me, you’ll love their products. The pages are bleed-proof and high quality, and so is the binding and cover. Big fan of this brand. (P.S. If you’d like to see me do a post on how I plan my weeks, leave me a comment below!)


That Sounds Fun with Annie F. Downs

UGH y’all. I’ve been listening to this podcast since it started, and it never. gets. old. Annie Downs is one of my all-time favorite writers (shameless plug for her new book coming out, Remember God), so I’ve always been a fan. But her podcasting presence is just contagious. Each episode, she has about an hour long conversation with of her friends, discussing any and everything and always deeply encouraging me by the end. If you’re looking for an uplifting and real podcast, check hers out.

The Nourishing Women Podcast

This one is a newer find for me, but I honestly can’t stop listening. Meg and Victoria are two bestie RD’s who give endless tips on intuitive eating, mental health, and self care, featuring guests who are experts on any and every aspect of health and wellness. One of the things that they always bring up is “wellness without obsession,” which is something that I think women especially need to be talking about more. I come away having learned something every time, and I’m all about that.

Everything Is Alive

I listened to every. single. episode of this show in one sitting. Seriously, I couldn’t stop. And the general plot is going to sound so weird but I feel obligated to tell you so just TRUST ME here: The host, Ian Chillag (who you might recognize if you’re a fan of NPR’s shows) basically interviews inanimate objects. Yes, you heard correctly. Dennis the Pillow and Maeve the Lamppost are two of my favorites. I really don’t know how else to explain it other than: It’s worth it. You’ll understand once you give it a listen

Leave a comment down below of the things you’re loving recently so I (and everyone else) can check out your picks!